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Change Default Company at Startup

In IBP Accelerator, you can specify a company at startup.  The last company that you access will be the defaulted company.  However in a Citrix virtual application environment the config file will set for every user and the config file will need to be updated to specify the defaulted company, otherwise it is defaulted to CompanyID = 1 which is the Demo Company.  

To update the main config: 

  1.  Go to the installation directory:  C:\Program Files\IBPAccelerator and locate the setting CompanyID, change the value to the CompanyID that is to be defaulted (the companyID can be located in IBP-A, make sure you are in that company and then go to Expert > User Settings).  After updating value, save file and restart IBP-A.
  2. <setting name="CompanyID" serializeAs="String">

 Check and update user.config:

  1. Check the AppData\Local user.config settings (C:\Users\anhes\AppData\Local\OliverWight\IBPAccelerator.exe…)
    Confirm you see CompanyID value that you are expecting to see.  If not, change the value, save the file, and restart IBP-A.
  2. <setting name="CompanyID" serializeAs="String">

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