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Where to find IBP Accelerator application settings?

The IBP-A application saves the user’s last company in an application setting. Windows takes care of storing that value in the  User\AppData directory. The application doesn’t have lot of control about where  exactly it goes; Windows (or Windows + Citrix) will handle.


With IBP-A open, you can go to File > Open Log File and  view the log file (screen shot below). On the first page of text it will say  where the application is reading its settings from. It will then say what  Company ID was read. If the company ID is 1, it is Demo Company.  Your company is probably a number 1000 or  greater.





You can also open the settings in Notepad or the like. Your  settings are located somewhere similar to this:


C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Oliver_Wight_LLC\IBPAccelerator  \  


In that folder, there should be a file named User.Config. It  is a small XML file, and should have a “CompanyID” line similar to the  following:


              <setting name="CompanyID" serializeAs="String">


In the same file, you can also locate the database name and  should have a “DBName” line similar to the following:




NOTE:If it is a Citrix environment,  the file may be under Roaming or Local, depending on how the environment is setup.


When the application closes, it writes out all of the user’s  settings to that same file. When it writes out, it will log those operations.  They will be in the end of the log file, and look like this:


2018-06-12  15:59:39 TRACE My settings found in roaming app data path,  C:\Users\Anh\AppData\Roaming\Oliver Wight LLC\IBP Accelerator\ 

2018-06-12  15:59:39 TRACE MySettings_SettingsLoaded, Loading settings from location:  C:\Users\Anh\AppData\Roaming\Oliver Wight LLC\IBP Accelerator\


NOTE:  When the  application starts, it creates a NEW log file. In order to read the “writing  out” lines above you will need to close IBP-A, go to the log directory:


    C:\Users\<username>\DOCUME~1\IBPACC~1\logs\current.log  and open the file in Notepad.


Everything above is a lot of “diagnostics”, and not action  steps. However, we can use this information to confirm what (if anything) is  being written out, and read in, to see where the issue might be.

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